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Developmental Editing

As an acquisitions editor at Random House​,​ my job was to hold my authors' hand as they moved through the book writing process from beginning to end. Part of this was helping them bring their draft manuscript to the next level. This means pointing out specific sections​,​ sentences​,​ and even phrases that need additional attention. What information is missing? What feels disruptive? Where do I feel like you're holding back and can really let it fly? I point out any voice or tonal issues and offer strategies to remedy them and​,​ when necessary​,​ I also offer structural guidance. At the end of the process​,​ you will have an in-depth editorial letter and queried manuscript in hand​,​ including a proposed strategy for moving forward.

Manuscript Evaluation

In my evaluations​,​ I give your manuscript a thorough read-through​,​ then make recommendations for structure​,​ content​,​ and voice. I let you know what really works about your book​,​ too (which is just as important to know as what’s not working​,​ and often over-looked). At the end of the process​,​ I will deliver an editorial letter of my professional observations that includes a detailed plan for moving forward​,​ as well as an optional phone or video chat for any questions you might have or items you want to discuss.


One of my favorite parts of being a writer isn't actually writing at all (though I do love that​,​ as well!): it's interviewing​,​ and the opportunity that presents to drop into someone else's story​,​ to understand their wisdom. We'll spend a lot of time doing just that throughout this process. Through a series of interviews​,​ we will shape and structure your book idea​,​ I'll interview you for all of the content necessary​,​ and then I will write the full manuscript. Once we have a complete manuscript in hand​,​ we'll walk through it together to revise​,​ adding​,​ deleting​,​ and editing until you have a book you love in your hands. (I work exclusively on non-fiction books​,​ and particularly like working in the memoir​,​ pop culture​,​ and mind-body space.)


I started my career in publishing as en editorial assistant in 1999. Since then​,​ I've done pretty much every job possible: acquisitions editor​,​ author​,​ ghostwriter​,​ book coach​,​ and book proposal writer (with a 100% success rate in terms of books acquired). I've worked in-house at Big 5 publishers and as a freelancer since 2008. All of this is to say​,​ not only do I have a lot of experience​,​ but I have a lot of different vantage points of the publishing industry from which to draw from in a mentoring​/​consulting capacity.

Select client list

Random House, Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Dave Matthews Band, New Kids on the Block, Live Nation, House of Intuition, Monica the Medium, Michael Kutcher (with a foreword by his brother Ashton Kutcher) Kathryn Budig, Liz Arch, Four Sigmatic, Liz Arch.

Book-relevant education or training

Random House, The Boston Globe, Harvard Review, Pulse! Magazine, Nature Magazine


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