Meredith Lewis

Meredith Lewis

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30 years of experience

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Project Management

I offer project mentoring to help writers sustain inspiration​,​ learning​,​ and effort during the complex project of writing a book. Through a combination of Zoom appointments​,​ email dialogue and prompts​,​ and written guides​,​ I provide critical friendship from light bulb moment through to post publishing debrief.


I provide mentoring services on establishing and sustaining creative practice. I debrief writers and support them in finding insight into how and why they work.
I focus on the work practices people use to navigate from light bulb moments through to tangible outcomes. I want to help people do this so that they embed resilience and joy in their creative practice.
I am interested in:
· the conditions under which people create
· the feelings and thoughts that inform creativity
· what drives people to create
· and how these things nurture or block their creativity.
I can offer either face to face appointments via Zoom or written exchanges via email.

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I have mentoring and project management experience from working with individual writers, artists, and academics affiliated with or connected to AcornOak Collective, , Melbourne Arts Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Big Bang Studios, Parallel Fascinations Innovation Salons, RMIT University Union Arts, Melbourne University, Monash College.

Book-relevant education or training

Independent performer, writer, dramaturge, choreographer (1991-2010); Contractor working in arts management and artist / writer mentoring at RMIT University Union Arts (2003-2010); Freelance arts management and social innovation consultant and mentor 2013-2020; Student mentor (creativity, innovation, communication, time management skills) at Monash College (2019-2020); Writer (non-fiction, creative non-fiction), mentor, and facilitator, specialising in creative identity and practice, (1991-today).

Additional information

I write! I blog regularly, have written and self-published a book, plus collections of essays, and creativity resources.


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