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Kirsten R
Kirsten R

Jonquil Editorial

Commercial Fiction
Literary Fiction
Narrative Nonfiction
14 years of experience

Services Offered

Developmental Editing

Turn your big-picture idea into a concrete pitch.

Line Editing

Detailed notes​,​ an editorial letter​,​ and a phone call.

Copy Editing

If you need a close eye on your pages and are preparing for submission.

Manuscript Evaluation

An editorial letter and phone call.

Sensitivity Review

Reading with an ear to your audience.


Final readthrough.

Project Management

Putting all of the pieces together for your project.

Select client list

Ilya Kaminsky, Ellen O'Connell Whittet, Rita Zoey Chin, Zan Romanoff, Ruth Awad, Geeta Kothari, Elena Sheppard, Paige Towers, Anne Kaier, Elizabeth Weinstein, Elda María Román, Jordan Sutlive, Steve Rossman, Mary Kate Leonard, Cheryl Pappas, Katie Quach, Debra Moffitt

Book-relevant education or training

Columbia Publishing Course, Crystal Shelley's Conscious and Inclusive Language course through EFA


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