Fair Crack of the Whip Proofreading and Editing.

Fair Crack of the Whip Proofreading and Editing.

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5 years of experience

Services Offered

Developmental Editing

This is performed while your work is still young​,​ before any major edits. Here​,​ I will collaborate with you to ensure your manuscript develops with the intention​,​ voice and style that you seek to obtain. I make suggestions based on readability​,​ character development​,​ content​,​ use of dialogue and sensory description​,​ narrative voice​,​ pacing​,​ and language. I will work with you​,​ answering any queries and brainstorming whenever you require it.
As the title suggests​,​ this edit helps develop and craft your story​,​ bringing out the best qualities and strengthening the work. It is an edit that focuses on the 'overall picture'.

Line Editing

Line editing rests in the crook between developmental and copy editing. It evaluates your writing line by line​,​ assessing the prose​,​ flow and style while ensuring the wording and sentence structure and length brings out the best in your novel or short story.

Copy Editing

This is the nitty gritty of the editing world. Here I will correct grammar​,​ punctuation​,​ spelling​,​ word usage​,​ etc. I will suggest alternative words or sentences if I believe they will work better towards your purposes and tighten the overall nuts and bolts of your writing. If relevant​,​ I will ensure your writing adheres to your preferred house style guide.

Manuscript Evaluation

This is where I read through your story​,​ highlighting any potential problem areas and assessing the overall readability. It is similar to a beta-read only more in-depth.
Generally I attempt to send you regular updates throughout the read-through and then an overall report at the end​,​ however​,​ I can alter the correspondence in virtually any way to suit you.


Proofreading is a final run through of your manuscript at its completion to ensure there are no obvious errors and that the mark ups from previous edits have been applied. Please take into consideration that I do not like to proofread something that I have just finished editing without a small time lapse in between as I am usually too close to the work to perform the proofread cleanly.


I also offer a copywriting service where I get to flex my writing skills. In this instance​,​ I will endeavor to craft a written sample for marketing your novel or WIP. I also offer blurb writing services and tag lines.


The Guide Edit is my own personalized mentoring​/​coaching service to help you when you are struggling for direction or stuck on a certain topic or area in your writing. This service was customized to assist you while you are still writing. I offer catch ups via Messenger call​,​ email or a combination of both​,​ and there are other options available. If you are stumped and in need of a friendly chat then this is the edit for you.

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Fiction novels and short stories across a range of genres. I have also written resumes, blurbs and taglines.

Book-relevant education or training

Completed 2012-2014 Professional Proofreading and Editing through the Australian College of Journalism; Completed 2021 Advanced Copyediting through the Editorial Freelancer's Association.

Additional information

I also write! I have recently completed one fantasy novella as a guest author and am enjoying co-writing on other projects. I also have a Thriller and an Epic Fantasy novel on the go! As an editor I care deeply about not only writing, but also the story you wish to tell. But I am more than just your editor. Writing is hard work and sometimes you need someone to brainstorm with, to talk to about your work or maybe to simply gain some suggestions. I am this person.


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