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20 years of experience

Services Offered

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing runs the gamut. My specialty is helping an author find what needs to be expanded​,​ what needs to be omitted​,​ and what needs to be reworked to best speak to their readership.

Line Editing

Paragraph by paragraph​,​ sentence by sentence​,​ I'll help ensure your language is in tip-top shape​,​ with a focus on style​,​ voice​,​ and clear writing. This process often involves give-and-take between the writer and me. While editing​,​ I'll ask questions about your intention and meaning. Then I'll listen to your answers and incorporate your edits.

Copy Editing

We'll get down to the nitty-gritty​,​ with a focus on editing at the word and sentence level. I'll look at everything from spelling and punctuation to sentence structure and clarity. Copy editing refines and polishes your writing! I use a light​,​ medium​,​ or heavy touch according to what each writer wants and needs.

Sensitivity Review

Always with an eye toward inclusivity​,​ I'll help ensure your words speak to the everyperson. I'll let you know if anything offends​,​ discriminates​,​ or excludes. Together we'll un-bias anything in your manuscript that smacks of or inadvertently hints at bias or insensitivity.

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Callisto Media, LERN, Ed2go, indie authors

Book-relevant education or training

M.A. in writing. Face-to-face and online college writing instructor. My years as a college writing instructor have influenced my editing style. I wear the hat you need me to wear, whether it's taskmaster or nurturer.

Additional information

Author of Comma Sense: Your Guide to Grammar Victory (Mango Publishing, 2022) and the children's storybook Paragon and Jubilee (Edgecliff Press, 2010).


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