Ray Evans: Copyediting & Proofreading
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Ray Evans: Copyediting & Proofreading

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Copy Editing

As your copyeditor​,​ I stand as the "last line of defense." I'll help improve your reader's experience ensuring your writing is the ultimate embodiment of quality. Here's how:
I'll smooth your prose until it flows like molten lava​,​ connecting your points with the grace of a fire dancer.
Unnecessary words shall be vanquished​,​ leaving your prose clearer​,​ sharper​,​ and more potent.
I'll scrutinize your grammar​,​ spelling​,​ and punctuation with hawk-like focus until they are as flawless as a perfectly executed battle plan.
So​,​ are you ready to rise above the ordinary and set the world on fire with your words and watch your writing transform into an unstoppable force. Let's conquer the publishing world together!


Proofreading is the final pit stop before your baby sets sail into the vast ocean of publication judgment.
I'm here to make sure your work is flawless​,​ and that it packs a punch in every word and sentence.
It's more than just grammar and spelling: I'm here to make sure your message is loud and clear and that your target audience gets it​,​ feels it​,​ and loves it.
We'll be looking at your work through a magnifying glass​,​ examining everything from sentence structure to the overall flow. Our mission? To ensure that your writing is a well-oiled machine​,​ ready to make a lasting impression on readers and take on the most prestigious publications.
Let's bring your masterpiece to life. Let's make it legendary.

Book-relevant education or training

Bachelor's degree in English from New York University


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