“That is happiness: to be dissolved into something complete and great.”

—Willa Cather

EDITH is a marketplace for creative services, concentrated on books and all the inputs that go into making good ones. We started EDITH because being intimately involved in making books is the most rewarding job we’ve had, and we want more people to know the process and love it as we do.

Our founding team has broad experience in book publishing at the center of the U.S. market, with the major corporate players headquartered in New York. We’ve also worked and lived as freelancers, so we know the challenges and opportunities in both arenas.

When we began creating what’s now EDITH, we felt keenly that as they exist today, traditional methods of launching books into the world left much to be desired. We saw many ways in which the process of bringing a book to market could work more smoothly—and be a better experience for all involved. More specifically, we agreed that:

  • An author should be able to find the best people to help with their book, whether that professional lives nearby or in Buenos Aires, is known to them or a stranger.

  • An author should be able to find all the right people. Before they engage an editor or publicist, they might need a research assistant, a lawyer, or a therapist.

  • An author should be able to make the big decisions regarding their book project and how it’s promoted. Expert assistance along the way is vital, but ultimately they have the strongest intuitive sense of what they need to be successful in their career longterm.

As such, EDITH is designed to help authors become the executive producers of their own book projects. With EDITH in your corner, you already have a team of helpers: fact-checkers, content and copy editors, IP consultants, cheerleaders and constructive critics. We believe EDITH will encourage new experiments and artistic forms, and open up the process—and joy of collaborating with excellent publishing professionals—to underrepresented voices, or anyone for whom the old pathway to publishing didn’t quite work, whether for reasons of geography, finances, or life circumstances.

We are committed to serving the interests of book professionals, whether they be authors whose names appear on the jacket or contributors who heretofore only got a brief mention in a book’s Acknowledgments section. (Many of the service providers you’ll find on EDITH are both.) We are thrilled to be able to connect book makers of all skills and talents on EDITH.

New EDITH features are in development. If you don’t find what you’re looking for now, or if you have other questions, please kindly let us know at hello@tryedith.co.


EDITH has been years in the making. Founder Megan Hustad began work in book publishing at the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group of Penguin Random House, followed by editing stints at Basic Books and Counterpoint Press, then divisions of the Perseus Books Group. As an author she has been published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Farrar, Straus and Giroux. So we know how the system works.

And we also know freelancing. The idea for EDITH grew out of conversations with fellow New York freelance editor Jed Bickman, in 2015, and went through several drafts. Meeting platform cooperative champion Antti Virolainen at the House of Beautiful Business conference in Lisbon in fall 2019 inspired us to think more globally when imagining EDITH’s potential, and here we are.

For more acknowledgments and backstory, please check out the running chatter on tryedith.net, where we’ll post more in coming months and welcome your comments. We’re thrilled you’re reading thus far.

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